Austria summons Turkish Ambassador after Erdogan 'curses' country for hoisting Israel flag

The Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs has summoned Turkish Ambassador Ozan Ceyhun after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan "cursed" Vienna for raising the Israeli flag over government buildings in solidarity amid hostilities on the Gaza border, the ministry told the source on Tuesday.

Photo: Youtube

"After these absurd statements by president Erdogan, the Turkish ambassador was summoned to the foreign ministry in the first half of the day to clearly convey Austria's position", the ministry said.

Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, in turn, said in a statement obtained by the source that the conflict in the Middle East could not be settled "with foam at the mouth."

"Hamas is a terrorist organisation," the minister said, adding that by attacking governments, including the Austrian one, which in the face of terror are on the side of Israel, Turkish politicians once again show "their terrifying perception of law." "Instead of adding fuel to the fire, we urgently call on Turkey to contribute to the de-escalation".

The Turkish president previously accused Israel of "heinous attacks against the Al-Aqsa Mosque", one of the holiest places in Islam, saying the Israeli authorities have provoked the recent round of tensions in the region.

The clashes in Jerusalem escalated quickly, resulting in a major exchange of fire between Hamas militants and the Israel Defence Forces, with over 3,300 rockets launched from the enclave.

source: Sputnik

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